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Shoalwater Bay Kayaking Paddle Pass

June - September

Quick Details

Duration: 3.5 hours

This Paddle Pass starts 9.50 am at Shoalwater Bay, Rockingham, finishing around 1.30 pm. We deliver your kayaks right by the ocean for you to enjoy a day of frolicking with the sea lions!

Availability dependent upon whether Shoalwater Island Tour is running.


Kayak Paddle Pass on Shoalwater Island Details

Get your kayak to Shoalwater Bay with our Paddle Pass and enjoy paddling at your own pace on a self-guided kayak tour. To use your Shoalwater Bay Paddle Pass, simply book a time that fits with our kayak tours.

You can buy a Paddle Pass for one session or several.

They are also available as gift vouchers in case you know someone that could benefit from some healthy outdoors exercise (not you of course!).

Note: This activity is recommended for more experienced paddlers (wind and waves are likely). For beginners we recommend booking onto the guided tours or purchasing a Paddle Pass for the Canning river which is very calm.

More Information

  • Kayaking is not only good for you – it’s the most fun you can have sitting down!
  • Venues for our tours are beautiful, natural waterways with lots to see and do.
  • No hassles with trailers or tying kayaks on roof racks.
  • Organize your own group, a partner or be a rugged individual.
  • Go at your own pace.
  • Explore – create your own adventure.
  • Find some peace away from the rat race.
  • Low cost and good for the environment.
  • Perfect gift.
  • No more excuses for not getting outside and exercising.